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This page was last updated on 04 January 2002

The EuroMAB network, founded in 1987, is operating in the European and North American countries. It is a large network, with more than 40 countries with very different socio-economic and ecological conditions, varied cultural backgrounds and multiple languages. There are over 200 biosphere reserves in the region covered by EuroMAB, many of which were designated in the early part of the MAB programme and which do not conform to the current criteria set out in the Statutory Framework for the World Network of Biosphere Reserves and are under revision. At the same time, many of  today’s the most exciting innovations in implementing the  biosphere reserve concept can be found in the EuroMAB region and are offering ideas for other parts of the world. Given the large size of the EuroMAB region and the difficulty of finding a common thread for co-operative activities involving all countries, most work takes place through activities of groups of countries on specific themes and/or geographical sub-regions.

The UK is currently hosting EuroMAB as outlined in the document Formal Representation and Secretariat support

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