UK MAB National Committee
Terms of Reference

      Chaired by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on behalf of the UK Government, the UK MAB National Committee will:
  • Provide a UK focal point for the UNESCO MAB programme, maintaining liaison with the UK National Commission for UNESCO, the MAB secretariat in Paris, EuroMAB and, as appropriate, MAB national committees in other countries.
  • Through the MAB secretariat in Paris and in consultation with the UK UNESCO national commission to ensure wider awareness of and interest in current UK approaches to enhancing biodiversity and sustainable development
  • Establish and maintain links with other relevant UK structures such as the UK Biodiversity Partnership, the UK National Ramsar Committee the UK IUCN Committee, and the UK MAB Urban Forum.
  • Promote in the UK and more widely the UNESCO MAB concerns for:
    • the conservation of biological diversity
    • the promotion of sustainable development
    • the development of human and institutional capacity to cope with environment/development issues,

identifying where UK MAB can undertake its own programmes and can influence and add value to other relevant UK initiatives and programmes.

  • Maintain oversight of UK Biosphere Reserves and the Biosphere Reserve periodic review process, providing a high-level stakeholder forum for considering BR nominations and adaptations to inform ministerial decisions.
  • Guide and support the work of the UK Biosphere Reserves and facilitate links between them and with Biosphere Reserves in other countries.

February 2003 

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